Also, my own dealbreakers

I’ve been married and monogamous for almost 10 years, so all dealbreakers are pretty firmly in the past for me.

However, assuming I was single again and looking for a relationship, I couldn’t see myself with someone who is conservative, particularly socially conservative, or very religious. Nominal religious belief is something I could deal with, although I don’t share it, but but I couldn’t deal with a very religious person (and I don’t imagine that a very religious person could deal with my atheist self, either). I also need someone who is at least as intelligent as I am, and preferably more so.

And I can’t take snobs. I come from rednecks and white trash (and I mean that in the nicest way possible), I have a weakness for trashy romance novels, and I like what a lot of people would consider “bad” music (i.e., standard pop/rock music).

Lucky for me, I married a highly intelligent, liberal, progressive, funny guy. We have enough of our core values in common that differences in tastes and temperament make the relationship interesting and/or can be overlooked.