My deal breakers are scientific illiteracy

This is sort of cheating since we were married already, but angrymob got really upset when I read The Fountainhead in preparation for playing BioShock. He kept grousing about it whenever he’d see me read it–even though I wasn’t exactly exclaiming “woah! I’d been wrong about Rand all along!” As far as he’s concerned (and I am more or less inclined to agree), she’s just a nut and we shouldn’t give her the credibility of reading her even if we’re fact-finding for a rhetorical takedown.

Broadsheet had a column about this as well and I really see no reason not to have deal-breakers. Pithy low-culture hipster points aside, if someone has a collection of right-wing books on their table — Culture Warrior, Treason, Atlas Shrugged etc — that says volumes not only about how they view the world in which they live but also how they view me. If their library tells me “you are an object, you are not entitled to the same rights as others, I find comfort in a paranoid, authoritarian viewpoint” — there isn’t much that’s going to convince me to stick around that person–because it’s obviously not going to work out between us.

For women specifically — over-identification with the butch/femme thing. I am neither butch nor femme, in any way. I am both and neither, actually, fuck that, I am a HUMAN BEING not a clothing style or sexual role. Butch women who first see me in a skirt flitting around about how much I love knitting and decide I will be ‘their’ woman, or femme women who see me in jeans and an old paint-spattered t-shirt and assume I want a lap dance — NO. Actually, these folks might be behind certain evangelical Christians.

Also, either lesbians who find my bisexuality repulsive, or dudely hetero dudes who think it means I will be into a threesome.

OK, so apparently I have a lot of dealbreakers.