I had a boyfriend once

A couple times I made the mistake of going out with women who just plain didn’t like to read. And once with someone who didn’t like to eat (for whom food was just fuel, not an occasion for enjoyment). Well, twice: when a girl I had a crush on in college deigned to have lunch with me and just had a small salad the attraction pretty much died. Oh, and racism/classism/homophobia/blahblahblah

I’ve been dumped for not being hip enough, and for being too serious (and then there was the gf who, when I said I wanted to break up, gave me a big hug and said “Thank goodness! I just wasn’t having fun any more”). And for just being impossible to get along with…

But perhaps my favorite dealkiller is the one my spouse related about a former beau, who was apparently talking with her mother when he said, “You know, she’s just not very funny.” Couldn’t imagine staying with someone who didn’t laugh at my jokes, or whose jokes I didn’t laugh at.